The Weekly Challenges

The Earth Blog Challenge #3 – First Month of School

Well, here’s some non-science related challenge here. But hey, I like this– it talks about the reality! (Science IS reality, right?)

Yeah, you read the title right. We were asked how our first month as a Senior High School student went. 

The drawing I made above is exactly how I feel every school year. But besides the same boring routine which will be going on in the next 8 or 9 months, I’m starting to get along with my classmates and some friends met mutually.

Upon entering the campus, I observed that were A LOT of familiar faces in the campus. Most of them were the college people who graduated in my Junior High before K to 12 was implemented, some of them were my schoolmates in my Elementary years (since the school is just near this campus).

As for my batch, I actually have some people I know from Junior High who are now my classmates. Of course, a lot of new faces, some of them which I’ve seen before but never spoken to them. 

However, for some reason, with the new faces, I seem to get along with them so easily and my confidence boosted up a bit during reports. Well, I’m still awkward today but it’s not like in the past years.
Of course, SHS is like an engine to our college years, so our environment was set to college. We’re still in the process of adjusting to the environment, but to be honest, I liked this environment than our JHS. It may be like torture or something, but it gave me the motivation to develop my study habits. Well, I’m still that lazy student but not lazy as the previous years.

And yes, first day of class, we have assignments. That was added to my milestone of experiences. Let’s just say, the first week of class and we’re already this packed and filled with mountainous piles of homework. I think it’s Pre-midterms are coming at the next month, so we had a lot to catch up.

Of course, we still copy answers from our classmates. It’s teamwork, right? It helps us bring up to the finish. However, it is not teamwork when you just copy answers, you have to know as well. This usually happens in our Math subjects.

Also observed that the style of exams were pretty unique. Some teachers let us use a yellow paper as if it were a quiz, some use those papers like the usual. Also, teachers can schedule their exams whenever they want, unlike last year, the schedules were strictly followed.

I guess this marks the start of my life being “engined” for real now. Well, I’ll look forward to see what’s in it for this school year, fun events and more!

Also, because of this, I think I have to visit the library frequently for advance reading or something. No matter how far that place is. Well, I’d might procrastinate once again. XD


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