The Weekly Challenges

The Earth Blog Challenge #5 – Fictional Mineral

Hello again, I am back to post another challenge. I’ve got a surprise for you!

“What is this and what is this girl possesing on her hands?”– you may ask. Well, today I’m going to show you about my fictional mineral– the Magmatite.

What is the Magmatite?

A magmatite is a kind of volcanic mineral as clearly seen from the rock’s “veins”– which are actually magma.

This magmatite actually came into my mind ever since developing my original, fictional fantasy story. A person who poses the magmatite, which only works on fire users, will have the ability to transform, like the lady above.

But let’s get back to reality. This magmatite can be mined near volcanic areas, or sometimes under bedrocks (if that’s possible since underneath earth is lava). The level of its hardness is around Apatite. Since, this rock has magma inside it, be sure to handle it with care!

The magmatite can also vary in color, but most commonly, grayish, brownish (like the picture above), black. 

Miners should be cautioned once mining for a magmatite, despite its hardness. 

The magmatite can be replacement for coal during camping sessions. It can also be used as gunpowder once crushing it to pieces. Or it can be for furnaces.

It is possible for the magmatite to burn out after million years. It can be burnt out once storing it in a cold place.

The temperature of this rock is around 50°C, so I guess it’s not that warm.

I can’t draw hands so I had to draw this “light.” I’m not an expert or anything but thank you for taking time to read this post. 😀


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