The Earth Blog Challenge #7 – Dangerous Slopes / Areas

You read the title, right? Yup. Midterm has ended and here I am, back with the blog. Now here’s my (probably last) post for this week:

I’d say this area for this instance.

All the peope reading this, would you live in a house with a mountain nearby? If the earthquake struck here, wouldn’t you be buried since this is soil erosion-prone or landslide-prone?

Luckily our classroom wasn’t this near this dangerous area. I mean, it was right behind our building but not THAT near.

Well, maybe our classroom is prone to landslides and earthquakes since there are more slopes like that picture above as I usually walk from the building to the cafe.

You know what happens when earthquake strikes. The trees in that picture may fall apart and the rocks will slide down, leading to many casualties for those people who are there. I also noticed some blocks near the stadium were sandy so there’s a possibility that the stadium would be destroyed.

Our campus is a very mountainous place so we have to be cautioned with our surroundings during a natural disaster. Also, we have to choose blocks that cannot be easily brittle during rains or whatever (I remember seeing a flood in the gym near the Bunzel building. As my friends and I visited the P.E teacher in charge because they were asking about the Fun Run, she mentioned that one of the walls and part of the stairs in the area were broken down due to flood).

Also, when you’re in the area behind the RH building, expect a muddy waterfall during heavy rains. 

Stay safe, everyone! 


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