The Earth Blog Challenge #8 – Water Consumption

I thought I was done with this. Oh well, time to get this post started.

Hi again! I’m back. We were told to limit our water consumption in taking a bath for three days. Lessening our scoops of water less than 15 scoops, showering for 5 mins, etc.

I usually use the “kabo,” in their term, when taking a bath or half-baths. Normally I use 10 scoops of water in taking a bath. We were told to divide by two when we use scoops less than 15, so… I guess, five? Depending the amount of soap I had left for my body or the shampoo or conditioner I have in my hair.

I also use the shower less than five minutes for me to completely rinse off the conditioner on my hair. 

My scoops were minimal than the limited scoops given, but I tried minimizing it as well. It helps us save water and not put them to waste and it also for us to prevent higher billing rates. 

Yes, this is somewhat worth the while. Our sources are getting limited each year so the only thing left is to use them regularly. Our sources may not last long and without them,we couldn’t survive that long.


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