The Earth Blog Challenge # 9 – The Debate

DISCLAIMER FOR THOSE WHO ARE READING: This isn’t the assigned topic that our teacher assigned us. For the students under Sir Yasi, before you start making a fuss, did you attend the debate that he invited us to?

Luckily, I was able to attend the debate as a token for this blog challenge, which is probably the most difficult one to make.


The debate was held in Main Campus. I arrived in the middle of the first round because I was somehow lost and I couldn’t find the venue everywhere.

The topic was about feminism. I wasn’t able to completely catch up since I arrived late, but I tried getting some keypoints… In which I completely forgot.

The picture above was taken during the first round of the debate.

The debaters were given a 5-10 minute break in preparation for the next round. Now this is where the real documentation begins. Somewhat, if I could remember the points that happened.

The second round opened a topic about taboo shockers, a term where movies displayed a series of unlikely taboos like a pregnant woman being killed, a child murdering someone, incest, etc. 

The debaters usually mention the hit series, Game of Thrones, in which I don’t relate but I’ve heard so much of the series from the internet such as 9GAG, that involves a series of taboos like sexual intercourse, incest, murder, etc. 

They also mentioned the psychological effects of a child seeing these graphic scenes. Yes, it is true that these scenes can trigger psychological effects on a child, it could change how the child sees the world.

The debaters also mentioned some kid-friendly shows that contain taboos, such as, Hannah Montana, etc. Like how these kinds of humors are affecting the children but in a positive way.

I wasn’t able to watch the 3rd round as well as the results of the 2nd round because I was in a hurry to go home. But I’d say there are positive and negative effects of these taboo shockers, which apply to all children. 


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