THE EARTH BLOG CHALLENGE #10 – Post-Documentary Reflection

Seeing the documentation, which revealed whales and other exotic animals being butchered as food for the people in fancy restaurants, shark fins being torn apart, releasing the fin-less shark to the depths of the sea, bleeding to death, snd more, it kind of disgusts me to what they eat. 

I mean look at China. It’s always China, honestly! China slices up some exotic animals for them to eat– and one example is that dog festival issue few years ago.
But seriously, it’s not just eating those exotic animals. It’s also about hunting. The number of species in lands are decreasing due to excessive amount of hunting. 

I just don’t get some hunters. They hunt new discoveries by shooting them and they earn more money. Why can’t they just capture it, study it, and return to its proper place like proper hunters in TV shows usually do?

Well, I say that we should do something to conserve the population of these endangered species. There should be a special program for all people who are aware that numerous species will disappear someday due to excessive hunting. 

There should’ve been a law that people shouldn’t hunt illegally to save these animals.


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