The Earth Blog Challenge #12 – Worst Weather Experience

Well, if you were wondering about my worst weather experience, it would be that time of Yolanda back in 2012(?). 

Before it struck a lot of people were already buying a bunch of goods needed during the typhoon, the gadgets were fully charged, candles were prepared and so much more.

The typhoon left me lifeless. Why? Because no services from TVs, not net, my phone died around the afternoon and I couldn’t get any updates from friends and it was so boring since I’ve got nothing to do. I was not even satisfied with the food we have. It was not enough for me to live.

Well, after my phone died, I decided to watch the impact of the typhoon. No thunder at least, I would not watch if they struck. The roof of one of the buildings under construction got blown away from the strong wind. Leaves were blown too, wires were swaying. The rain was loud too.

The old tall tree swaying in front of our house got ne scared because I thought it was going to crash in our house but not. 


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